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Historic Timeline of the War of 1812 


May 17,  Napoleonic Wars Begin


June 22,  HMS Leopard fires on US Frigate Chesapeake (Coast of Virginia, US)  

March 4,  James Madison inaugurated as President of the United States of America

April 26,  Great Britain Orders-in-Council blockading ports under French control

February 5, Prince Regent replaces his ailing father King George III

March 16, USS President vs. HMS Little Belt (off coast of Virginia, US)

November 7, Battle of Tippecanoe (Indiana, US)


January 1- Mar 3, Indian Raids (Iowa & Missouri, US)

April 6 - May 5,  Indian Raids (Indiana, US)

May 11, British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval assassinated

March 26-Aug 9, St Augustine (Florida, US)

June 5, US Brig Oneida vs. PM Schooner Lord Nelson

June 18, US Declaration of War against Great Britain

June & July, Baltimore Riots (Maryland, US)

June 23, USS President & USS Congress vs. HMS Belvidera (North Atlantic)

June 23, French Army invades Russia

June 23, Great Britain repeals Orders-in-Council

July 5,  Bombardment of Sandwich, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 12, US General Hull invades Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 16, Skirmish at Canard River, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 17, Capture of Fort Mackinac/Michilimackinac (Michigan, US)

July 17, HMS Shannon, Africa, Aeolus vs. USS Nautilus (North Atlantic)

July 19, Sacket's Harbor (New York, US)

August 5, Battle of Brownstown (Michigan, US)

August 9, Battle of Maguaga (Michigan, US)

August 13, USS Essex vs. HMS Alert (North Atlantic)

August 15, Fort Dearborn, (Illinois, US)

August 16, Capture of Fort Detroit (Michigan, US)

August 19, USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere (North Atlantic)

September 3, Pigeon Roost (Indiana, US)

September 4, Siege of Fort Wayne (Indiana, US)

September 4-5, Siege of Fort Harrison (Indiana, US)

September 5-8, Siege of Fort Madison (Iowa, US)

September 13, Skirmish near Miami Rapids (Ohio, US)

September 16, Prescott, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

September 21, Raid of Gananoque, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

September 27, Florida

September 29, Battle of Marblehead Peninsula/Bull Island (Ohio, US)

October 4, Battle of Ogdensburg (New York, US)

October, Pimartan's Town, IL

October 10, Capture of the PM Brig Detroit and PM Brig Caledonia (Niagara River, Fort Erie)

October 13, Battle of Queenston Heights, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN) 

October 13, Artillery Duel, Fort Niagara vs. Fort George (Niagara River)

October 18, USS Wasp vs. HMS Folic (North Atlantic)

October 23, Battle of St Regis, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

October 25, USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian (North Atlantic)

November 9, Battle of Kingston Harbour, Upper Canada (Lake Ontario, CAN)

November 20, First Battle of Lacolle Mill, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN) 

November, Black Rock (New York, US)  vs. Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN) 

November 22, HMS Southampton vs. USS Vixen (North Atlantc)

November 22, Second Battle of Tippecanoe (Indiana, US)

November 22, Skirmish at Maumee River (Ohio, US)

November 23, Raid of St Regis, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

November 23, Raid of French Mills (New York)

November 28, Battle of Frenchman's Creek, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

December 11, USS Essex vs. HMS Nocton (South Atlantic)

December 17-18, Battle of the Mississinewa River, (Indiana, US)

December 29,USS Constitution vs. HMS Java (Atlantic, off coast of Brazil)



January 17, HMS Narcissus vs. USS Viper (Caribbean)

January 18,  Battle of Frenchtown/River Raisin, (Michigan, US)

February 7, Raid of Elizabethtown/Brockville,Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

February 9, Duck River  (Tennessee, US)

February 22, Raid of Ogdensburg (New York, US)

February 24, USS Hornet vs. HMS Peacock (Atalantic, off coast of Guiana)

March 10, First runaway slaves make it to Royal Navy, Chesapeake Bay

March 17 - 18, Artillery duel, Black Rock (New York, US)  vs. Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

March 18, Raid of Fort Vallonia, (Indiana, US)

March 30, Raid of Buffalo Fort (Missouri, US)

April 3, Battle of Rappahannock River (Virginia, US)

April 6,  Bombardment of Lewes (Delaware, US) 

April 15, West Florida, (Alabama/Louisiana, US)

April 19, Raid of Kaskaskia  (Illinois, US)

April 27, Battle of York, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

April 28 - May 9, Siege of Fort Meigs  (Ohio, US)

April 29, Raid of Frenchtown, (Maryland, US)

May 3, Burning of Havre de Grace (Maryland, US)

May 3, Raid of Bell's Ferry (Maryland, US)

May 5, Battle of  Fort Meigs (Ohio, US)

May 5, Fort Miami (Ohio, US)

May 15, Raid of Mink River (Illinois, US)

May 25 - 27, Capture of Fort George, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

May 29, Battle of Sackets Harbor, (New York, US)

June 1, HMS Shannon vs USS Chesapeake (Atlantic, off coast of Massachusetts)

June 3, USS Growler and USS Eagle captured (Richelieu River, Quebec, CAN)

June 6, Battle of Stoney Creek, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

June 8, Battle of Forty Mile Creek, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

June 22, Battle of Craney Island, (Virginia, US)

June 24, Battle of Beaver Dams, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

June 26, Hampton, (Viginia, US)

July 5, Raid on Fort Schlosser (New York, US)

July 8, Fort George, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 11, Raid of Black Rock (New York, US)

July 20, Battle of Cranberry Creek/Goose Creek  (New York, US)

July 21- 28 Second Siege of Fort Meigs, (Ohio, NY)

July 27, Battle of Burnt Corn (Alabama, US)

July 29, Plattsburg (New York, US)

July 29, Burlington Beach, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 31, Raid of York , Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

August 2, Battle of Fort Stephenson (Ohio, US)

August 7 -10 US fleet vs. British fleet, Lake Ontario

August 8, USS Hamilton and USS Scourge sunk in Storm (Lake Ontario)

August 10, Raid of St Michaels (Maryland, US)

August 10, USS Julia and USS Prowler captured  (Lake Ontario)

August 13, Raid of Queenstown/Slippery Hill/Hall's Landing/Blakeford Shore (Maryland, US)

August 14, HMS Pelican vs. USS Argus (Irish Sea, off coast of Wales)

August 24, Fort George, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

August 30, Battle of Fort Mims (Alabama, US)

September 5, USS Enterprise vs. HMS Boxer (Atlantic, off coast of Maine)

September 6, Skirmish at Ball's Farm, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

September 10, Battle of Lake Erie/ Put-in-Bay (Ohio, US)

September 20, Skirmish at Odeltown, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

September 28, Burlington Races, Lake Ontario Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

October 1, near Chateauguay, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

October 4, Battle of McGregor's Creek/Mills/ Chatham/the Forks of the Thames, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

October 5, Battle of the Thames/Moraviantown/Thamesville, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

October 12, Massequoi Village, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

October 26, Battle of Chateauguay, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

November 1-2, Battle of French Creek  (New York, US)

November 3 Battle of Tallushatchee  (Alabama, US)

November 9, Battle of Talladega  (Alabama, US)

November 11, Battle of Crysler's Farm/Williamsburgh, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

November 29, Battle of Autosse/Tallahassee  (Alabama, US)

December 10, Burning of Niagara, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

December 19, The Capture of Fort Niagara, (New York, US)

December 19, Burning of Lewiston  (New York, US)

December 23, Battle of Eccanachaca, (The Holy Ground)  (Alabama, US)

December 25, HMS Belvidera vs. USS Vixen II (North Atlantic)

December 29 - 30, Lewiston, Fort Schlosser  (New York, US)

December 31, Burning of Buffalo & Blackrock  (New York, US)



January 22, Emuckfau Creek (Alambma, US)

January 24, Battle of Enotachopco Creek (Alabama, US)

January 27, Calabee Creek (Alabama, US)

February 14, USS Constitution vs. HMS Pictou

March 4, Longwood/Long Woods/Battle Hill, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

March 27, Battle of Horseshoe Bend/Sehopiska (Alabama, US)

March 28, HMS Phobe & Cherub vs. USS Essex & Essex Junior (Pasific, off coast of Chile)

March 30, Second Battle of La Colle Mill, Lower Canada (Quebec, CAN)

April 20, HMS Orpheus vs. USS Frolic (Caribbean)

April 29, USS Peacock vs. HMS Epervier (Caribbean)

May 5-6, Attack on Fort Ontario/Oswego, (New York, US)

May 14, Raid on Port Dover/Long Point/Campbell's Raid, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

May 30, Battle of Sandy Creek/Oswego Falls (New York, US)

June 1, Battle of Cedar Point/St. Jerome'sPoint (Maryland, US)

June 22, HMS Leander vs. USS Rattlesnake (North Atlantic)

June 26, Second Battle of St. Leonard's Creek (Maryland, US)

June 28, USS Wasp vs. HMS Reindeer, (North Atlantic)

June 28, Skirmish at Odelltown, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 3, Capture of Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 5, Battle of Chippawa, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 11, Fort Sullivan, (Maine, US)

July 12, HMS Medway vs. USS Syren (off coast of South Africa)

July 18, Burning of St Davids, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 18-19, Raid of Champlain Village, (New York, US)

July 20, Siege of Prairie du Chien, (Wisconsin, US)

July 21, Battle of Rock River, (Illinois, US)

July 25, Battle of Lundy's Lane, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

July 26, Mackinac (Michigan, US)

August 1 - September 19, Siege of Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN) 

August 3, Battle of Conjocta Creek/Black Rock (New York, US)

August 4, Attack on Mackinac/Michilimackinac Island, (Michigan, US)

August 9 -12, Battle of Stonington, (Connecticut, US)

August 11, Attack on St Micheals, (Maryland, US)

August 12, USS Somers & USS Ohio captured (Lake Erie/Niagara River)

August 14, HMS Nancy destroyed (Lake Huron)

August 15, Battle of Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

August 24, Battle of Bladensburg, (Maryland, US)

August 25, Burning of Washington, (DC, US)

September 1, USS Wasp vs. HMS Avon (North Atlantic)

September 4, Battle of Rock Island, (Illinois, US)

September 6-11, Battle of Plattsburgh, (New York, US)

September 12, Battle of North Point, (Maryland, US)

September 13, Bombardment of Fort McHenry, (Maryland, US)

September 15, Battle of Fort Bowyer/Mobile Bay, (Alabama, US)

September 17, US sortie from Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

October 15, Skirmish at Chippawa, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

October 19, Battle of Cook's Mills/Lyons Creek, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

November 6, Battle of Malcolm's Mills, Upper Canada (Ontario, CAN)

November 7, Occupation of Pensacola, (Florida, US)

December 6, Battle of Farnham Church (Virginia, US)

December 14, Battle of Lake Borgne, (Louisiana, US)

December 23, Battle of Villere's Plantation, (Louisiana, US)

December 24, Treaty of Ghent, Belgium ending the War of 1812



January 1, Battle of Rodriques Canal, (Louisiana, US)

January 8-9, Battle of New Orleans, (Louisiana, US)

January 9-18, Battle of Fort St. Philip, (Louisiana, US)

February 11, Siege of Fort Bowyer, (Alabama, US)

February 16, President Madison ratifies Treaty of Ghent, War of 1812 officially ends.

February 20, US Frigate Constitution vs HMS Cayne & Levant, (off coast of North Africa)

February 24, Battle of St. Mary's River (Georgia,US)

May 24, Battle of Sinkhole/Fort Howard (Missouri, US)

June 30, USS Peacock vs East India crusier Nautilus, last battle of the War of 1812 (Indian Ocean)


war of 1812 Celebrating 200 years of peace