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Proposed Facilitated Session: 2012-Bicentennial Celebrations
Pond Inlet, Brock University
June 20, 2006


The purpose of the event is to gather together inclusive representation of those groups/organizations/individuals with an interest in participating in the marking of the 200th anniversary in some way.

The information gathered at this session should provide an idea of the breadth and scope of interest in the 2012 event, and also help in developing the foundation for building a draft program and offering ideas for marking the milestone event.


The preliminary agenda for the day is as follows:

8:00am  Room set up and resources in place
8:30am-9:00am Registration and Refreshments
9:00am-9:30am Welcome, Introductory Remarks, Session Overview
9:30am-12:30pm Participation Stations
12:30pm-1:00pm Closing Remarks, Adjournment


Discussion will be facilitated to address a number of different aspects of potential program development. This includes:
 Historical appreciation (both commemorative and celebratory)
 Marketing and promotion
 Arts and Culture
 Festivals and events or celebrations
 Other (topics not covered above)

The session will be structured such that all participants will have the opportunity to provide comment on each of the aspects listed above.

Those attending will be asked to identify:
 Initiatives they are aware of in each category that are already in the planning or development stage
 Ideas to begin new initiatives in each category.
 Initial thoughts on the level of participation each participant may be willing to bring to the ideas in a particular category


Information gathered at this event will be reported back to the Blue Ribbon Panel (Legacy Council), and a similar follow-up session would be planned for September 2006, at which participants will be asked to offer comment and support for events within the draft program.

war of 1812 Celebrating 200 years of peace